On Top

She’s in position!

Time to enjoy!

The ideal way to reach orgasm! I think many men would be surprised how low the percentage is of women who achieve orgasm from penetration! Tongue is the answer!

Origin unknown.

In the Heat of the Moment

Photo by Tony Ward

The Beginning

Begin slowly. Inch your way up. Enjoy the moment! (Origin unknown).

Wednesday Pleasure

Wednesday fun! Don’t know the origin of this.

Divine Worship





Chained Service

The distinctive style of Namio Harukawa


This looks rather lovely. Nice setting. Breeze blowing and dutiful worship by adoring supplicant. Don’t know the source of the gif, though.

Worship Wednesday

And we know what day it is. Has he forgotten?

And now he knows!

Yes, it’s Worship Wednesday!

Let the games begin!

Gleeful Face-Sitting

She’s enjoy her Wednesday! Could not discover the identity of the artist. If you know who the artist is, post a note!