Worship Wednesday

She knows what day it is and, now, so does he! Welcome to Worship Wednesday!
(Gif origin unknown)

Bondage Worship

On Command

She is in control! Worship Wednesday at their house! (Origin unknown)





This is How You Do It!

Looks like a lesson for the boys! This is how you do it! Retro erotica from Rodox! See more pictures of this series here!

Close Up

MaillerPhong, also known as Visual Visceral.

Femdom Art

He can’t see his Queen, the Queen can’t see him. So, did it really happen?
Alexander Minier, also known as B0NF1R3 on DeviantArt.

Face-Sitting Fun

Origin unknown.


A little motivation certainly helps performance! Source: Femdom Empire

Worship Wednesday

Time to relax! Time to lie back and enjoy Worship Wednesday!
Source: The English Mansion