Girdle Power

Interview with Maxim

Whip Ready

Origin unknown.

Strap-On & Latex

Very shiny. Origin unknown.

Vintage Femdom Art

Leon Roze was an early French artist, who illustrated for among others for the Images d’Epinal of the Imagerie Pellerin. He was also present as a comics artist in Fillette, published by Offenstadt.

Vintage Femdom Fashionista

More like this can be found at Retro Raw

Strap-On Diva

She clearly likes red. (Origin unknown)

Vintage Femdom Art

Cover art to an early 20th century French novel of female domination. The artist, thanks to Frank, Martin Van Maele.

Vintage Femdom Art

Bill Ward was incredibly prolific producing a huge output of fetish cartoons.
Ward graduated in 1941, and through the university’s placement bureau obtained a Manhattan art-agency job at $18 a week, sweeping floors, running errands and serving as an art assistant. He was fired after accidentally cutting in half a finished Ford automobile illustration with a matte knife. If he hadn’t been fired, perhaps, his career as a fetish cartoonist may never have happened.
Eric Kroll, the fetish photographer, wrote an interesting article about Ward. Read it here.

Whip It!

Origin unknown.