Vintage Dominatrix

I donโ€™t know the origins of this, apart from it being clearly vintage.
I do wonder what she was thinking when she put that silly outfit on? Another day at the office?

Crack It!

Crack it! by Frans Mensink

Vintage BDSM

Jacques Biederer, who began his career in 1913, in Paris, started with G-rated portraits and continued with more sensual themes, like nude ladies or couples during an erotic activity, using a regular outdoors spot or a carefully arranged set as his background.
He moved into fetish photography, which involved some scandalous poses, from the innocent practice of corseting to whips and domination.
Biederer was captured when the Nazis occupied France during World War IIโ€™. He died in Auschwitz.


Berlin based dominatrix Jennifer Carter

Girdle Power

Interview with Maxim

Whip Ready

Origin unknown.

Strap-On & Latex

Very shiny. Origin unknown.

Vintage Femdom Art

Leon Roze was an early French artist, who illustrated for among others for the Images d’Epinal of the Imagerie Pellerin. He was also present as a comics artist in Fillette, published by Offenstadt.

Vintage Femdom Fashionista

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