Fierce Femdom

Bill Ward
Hard to believe but I have posted over 80 examples of his work on this blog over the years.

Vintage Femdom Art

Bill Ward was incredibly prolific producing a huge output of fetish cartoons.
Ward graduated in 1941, and through the university’s placement bureau obtained a Manhattan art-agency job at $18 a week, sweeping floors, running errands and serving as an art assistant. He was fired after accidentally cutting in half a finished Ford automobile illustration with a matte knife. If he hadn’t been fired, perhaps, his career as a fetish cartoonist may never have happened.
Eric Kroll, the fetish photographer, wrote an interesting article about Ward. Read it here.

In the Shoe Store

Keeping the customer happy in the shoe store! Vintage erotic art by Bill Ward

At Sea


Bill Ward
Ward became well known for his comic illustrations. However, in his later years, he illustrated erotic stories, written by himself, in such men’s magazines as Juggs and Leg Show. At one stage, he was contributing an article a month.
During this period he also did cover and interior illustrations for various paperback publishers of softcore and hardcore pornography, as well as covers for Screw magazine.


Vintage Femdom Cartoon

Boot Worship

Bill ward
I have posted quite a lot of Ward’s work over the years. See all the posts here.

Vintage Femdom Art

This seems a little sadistic, even for Bill ward