Double Vision


Bill Ward
Ward became well known for his comic illustrations. However, in his later years, he illustrated erotic stories, written by himself, in such men’s magazines as Juggs and Leg Show. At one stage, he was contributing an article a month.
During this period he also did cover and interior illustrations for various paperback publishers of softcore and hardcore pornography, as well as covers for Screw magazine.

Vintage Pin-Up Tease

Possibly another Ziegfield girl photographed by Alfred Cheney Johnston

Classic Porn Star

Seka’s name is synonymous with 80’s porn.

Vintage Erotica

Katie (also credited as Fae Allen) was a dancer from U.K. who featured in classic erotica from the 1990s.
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Vintage Tease

Gene Bilbrew . (He also used the pseudonyms Van Rod & ENG).


Marcel Marien
Mariën is one of the most intriguing and elusive figures in the Belgian wing of the Surrealist movement. He was not only an artist, but also a publisher, a bookseller, a sailor, a journalist in China and an elaborate Surrealist prankster.

The Mask

Photograph by Irina Ionesco.
Apart from the controversial work with her daughter, a major part of her work features lavishly dressed women, adorning themselves with symbolic pieces such as chokers and other fetishistic props, posing provocatively, offering themselves as objects of sexual possession.


Umberto Brunelleschi