The Family

The Family that slays together stays together! by Tom Sutton. Sutton was an American comic book artist who sometimes used the pseudonyms Sean Todd and Dementia.

Erotic Circus

Vintage Femdom Art

Bernard Montorgeuil
This is a colorised version. I thought the originals were monochromatic so, perhaps, this has been coloured later by persons unknown.
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Vintage Dominatrix

I don’t know the origins of this, apart from it being clearly vintage.
I do wonder what she was thinking when she put that silly outfit on? Another day at the office?

Vintage Femdom Art

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Ab Fab Wisdom

Teasing Chamber

Double Life

Bettie Page photographed by Harold Lloyd
The greatest comedian of the silent era, Harold Lloyd was also a passionate 3-D photographer, and few Hollywood stars of the Fifties escaped his double lenses. By the time he died in 1971, aged 77, Lloyd had amassed nearly 300,000 slides. (Read more)


Flashing at the 1981 Cannes Film Festival by Helmut Newton, of course.