Origin unknown.

Right There!

Artist and origin unknown.

Sexy Fashionista Art

Delightful illustration promoting the wonderful dresses of the late Azzedine Alaรฏa

Strap-On Art

This is annoying! I feel I should be able to identify the artist but canโ€™t! Iโ€™ve stared at the obscure signature until my eyes water but no help. Image search didnโ€™t help me either but Iโ€™m probably not doing it correctly. Help?
And thank you Untipo who identified the artist as Shpanktank!

Worship Illustration

Origin unknown.


I am not sure if this is an illustration or Photoshop magic! I donโ€™t know where this work is from so I am appealing for help. Can you identify the source?

Good Boy

Origin unknown.

Strap-On Cartoon

Artist & origin unknown.

Hentai Femdom

Origin unknown.