The Audience

I don’t know the origins of this or who the artist is. Can anyone help?

Filling the Cup

Can’t identify the artist. Can you give me a clue?

Foot Slave

Origin & artist unknown.

If Looks Could Kill

Origin & artist unknown.

Strap-On Comic

A Femdom strap-on comic for your pleasure. Don’t know the origins. Perhaps, you can help.
Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4.

Face Dildo Surprise!

I feel I should know the name of this artist but can’t recall. Anyone help?

The Beginning

Begin slowly. Inch your way up. Enjoy the moment! (Origin unknown).

Strap-On Comic

Could not discover the origin. Anybody help?

Gleeful Face-Sitting

She’s enjoy her Wednesday! Could not discover the identity of the artist. If you know who the artist is, post a note!