The Humilation of Claudia (Preview)

Not many people know that my writing career began with erotic lesbian love stories.  Due to personal circumstances, had to withdraw from that and was quiet on the writing front for a few years.

The Humiliation of Claudia was written in 2005 and covered many of the aspects of lesbian domination that I knew lesbian readers would enjoy. It is a torrid tale of domination and humiliation with a healthy dose of redemption Continue reading

PDF Previews

The following Previews are available as PDF files  and can be downloaded from the Preview Page.

More information on each book can be found on the main page. Simply find the link to the book on the left hand border of that page.

The Chaste Cuckold (F/m)
Mirror, Mirror (F/m)
Owned by Stacey (F/f)
Lingerie Drone (F/m)
Shame (F/f)
Natural Selection (F/m)
The Humiliation of Claudia (F/f)
A Little Spice (F/m)
Elizabeth Grey (TG)
The Dickson Device (F/m)
Kryztal (M/f)
Toys in the Attic (F/m)
Cruel Ryoko (F/m)
The Maya Twins (F/m)
The Loving Mistress (F/m)
The Star Society (F/m)