Suzy Parker, 1955.
Suzy Parker’s photo appeared in Life magazine when she was 15. Parker was the first model to earn $200 per hour and $100,000 per year. Her first film role was in 1957, her last role was in a 1970 episode of Night Gallery. She did, in a way, make one other film “appearance” in The Beatles’ 1970 documentary film Let It Be, in which the band performed their song “Suzy Parker”. The song, one of the few credited as written by all four Beatles, was part of their Academy Award-winning score for the original songs they performed in the film. Suzy Parker died in 2003. Her husband, Bradford Dillman died this year, aged 87.

Catwoman Triumphant!

That’s the only type of Batman movie I would go and see! Not a fan of blockbuster superhero type waste of time movies. However, I did have secret fantasies about Catwoman when I was younger. Those reruns were funny.
Carmenica’s Vintage Bonus


I don’t know the origins of this but suspect it is a still photograph from a stage production. Perhaps the regular theatre goers amongst us can assist?

She Approves

Veronica Avluv describes herself as “very bisexual” and states that she has had sex with women throughout most of her adult life. She was married to Hans Avluv from 1996 until he died of a heart attack in 2013.

Ambassador Hotel

Marilyn Monroe in the gardens of the Ambassador Hotel, Los Angeles,, 1946. Photograph by Larry Kronquist .

Retro Erotica

Erotica from yesteryear. Apparently, this is from a spoof of the popular movie 9 to 5. It starred Loni Sanders.
See some of the movie here!
I really should do a thesis on the history of vintage fashion as depicted in erotic films! 🙂

Proud & Beautiful

Seductive Goddess

Ava Gardner photographed by Philippe Halsman 1954
She was married to famous men of their time. I found her description of husband Frank Sinatra amusing – “it’s like being with a woman. He’s so gentle. It’s as though he thinks I’ll break, as though I’m a piece of Dresden china and he’s gonna hurt me.” (Wikipedia)

Vintage Hollywood