Monday: 2 of 6

Ellen Von Unwerth.
She won first prize at the International Festival of Fashion Photography in 1991. (Read more)

Monday: 4 of 6

Monday: 6 of 6

That reminds me; I should get back to swimming laps in the morning.

As usual, lovely art from Stefano Mazzotti– submitted by Suburbansub.

Sunday: 2 of 6

Sunday: 4 of 6

Oh, how we tried to identify this delicious beauty in the sheer bodysuit but failed! Perhaps someone knows who she is and can help.

Strap-On Saturday: 1 of 6

Nothing more to say, is there? It’s Strap-On Saturday once again!

The artist is Anasheya and can be found at the Hentai Foundry.