Face Sitting!

She is using all her weight! See all the pics here!

Bowing Before Mistresses

Charisma Gold
Interesting knickers for a man and both pairs of boots are horrible! It is cute, though, that they’re wearing matching latex outfits.

Pool Fun

I know what you are thinking. An indoor pool isn’t the place for kinky BDSM fun!
The Ruthless Mistress folk disagree! You can see all the pictures and a video here!


Don’t fall in love by photographer/model Romy Alizée


Photograph by Nikola Tamindzic


Mistress Tangent from Pantyhose Supremacy has him in a rather uncomfortable position!

It’s a Fine Line …

It’s a fine line between pleasure and pain
You’ve done it once you can do it again
Whatever you’ve done don’t try to explain
It’s a fine, fine line between pleasure and pain (it’s all the same)
See more pictures of Ambers Dungeon here!

CBT with a Purpose

Barefoot Princess

He’s completely helpless!

I think we can see her intentions!

The funnel is a clue!

She has a plan!


Photograph by Insuh Yoon