Strap-On Saturday

And a big welcome to Strap-On Saturday!

A red latex body suit just seems right for this occasion, doesn’t it? Perfect wardrobe choice!
Source: Femdom Empire

And he won’t be the only chaste male to enjoy Strap-On Saturday!
Source: Femdom Empire

Slave Carpet

Group Fun


A Different Marriage. 14 Volumes of the famous extraordinary Femdom Saga available HERE
A slow moving detailed and long femdom tale of a different marriage!



Recording his Efforts

Source: Pornartblr

Summer Holidays (2)

Summer holiday beach fun! Origin unknown.

Foot Adoration

That’s a rather awkward position he’s in.

Origin unknown.

Shy Poser

Origin unknown.
With the current trend of very bright hair colours, I casually mentioned trying green or blue. My partner lost coffee in a spray. It seems it was a bad idea. πŸ™‚ Not that I was teasing or anything. *innocent smile*

Helpless & Examined

Source: CFNM


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Mistrella by Elias Chatzoudis