On the Beach

Fun in the sand! Hope the tide doesn’t come in soon.
Source: The English Mansion


A vintage pin-up that poses so many questions. Why use a hose to cool down when there’s a pool? Why wear that as a swimsuit when swimming nude has the same effect and, probably, more comfortable? Who is she? Life is full of so many important questions!

Fun in the Sun

Kat Reben and her Puffy Pussy Show


Flashing at the 1981 Cannes Film Festival by Helmut Newton, of course.

Vintage Erotica

Vintage memories by the pool! Probably from the huge Rodox collection.

Mysterious Nancy

Porn star Nancy Suiter 1978.
As quickly as she came into the business, she left it. Rumours have circulated for years she married a multi-millionaire who insisted she leave the business, other rumours say she got involved with heroin and cocaine, fell in with the wrong crowd, descended into prostitution and overdosed, others that she was either killed in an accident or murdered by a boyfriend/lover/pimp. It is still a mystery.

Long Way from the Barn

American model Taylor Hill current Victoria’s Secret Angel since 2015. She was discovered when she was 14 in a barn in Granby, Colorado by an agent who was also a photographer. No doubt there’s a story there.
And somebody notify the authorities – she seems to have stolen my eyebrows! Wait! Let me check! No, still there! What a relief!

Punishment Pose

I See a Ship!

Origin unknown.