Yacht Orgy

Orgy on a yacht! Could be fun, could be dangerous, could be sunburned!
From Julia Grandi. See the entire series HERE!

Swimsuit Fetish

High Cut Kingdom by Murasaki Nyaa

Ice Cream

Ice Cream by Sylvio Testa
Sylvio is based in Cannes on the French Riviera.

Bikini Teases

Bianca Beauchamp, who clearly waxes, teasing in a tiny bikini!

And a non-waxing view of another bikini (not Bianca). 🙂

Massaged Wife

A lovely massage that has a happy ending!
Chastity belts information



Day at the Beach

Ah, summertime! Femdom art by Voloh

Poolside Party

Just had to post this picture!
Julia Grandi, owner of JulModels agency has a webpage that shows pictures of auditioning for xxx roles.
And this picture is one of many from her poolsde party
Want to join the party? See more here

Swept Away



Bikini Tease

Desraya Noir in a rather revealing bikini.
You can see even more of her at her fan club which is creatively called Slinky Cheeks