This looks rather lovely. Nice setting. Breeze blowing and dutiful worship by adoring supplicant. Don’t know the source of the gif, though.


High Cut Kingdom by Murasaki Nyaa

Beach Ball

Beach Ball by Storax (fetish3d)

Flying Free!

Swedish model Lisa Fonssagrives photographed by her first husband,Fernand Fonssagrives, in 1937. Her second marriage to Irving Penn resulted in two children.






Ah, summertime! The living is certainly easier! Carmenica’s Musical Bonus
Origin of gif unknown.

Up Close & Very Personal.

Let’s flash back to that pool party! Remember?


Kat Reben and her Puffy Pussy Show

Ambassador Hotel

Marilyn Monroe in the gardens of the Ambassador Hotel, Los Angeles,, 1946. Photograph by Larry Kronquist .

Beach Bum

A barely there swimsuit. Probably an incredibly expensive swimsuit as well. You know, it might be easier going to a nude beach? No fashion pressure on a nude beach. Well, except for ear rings. And bracelets. Nail polish. Standard of manicure & pedicure. Beach bag. Towel … Forget it. Fruit cocktail on the patio sounds far more appealing.
Carmenica’s Musical Bonus