‘There you are, darling,’ Lily chuckled, looking down at me.

There were times when I considered that Lily had missed her calling and that she could have been a fine actress.

Somehow, my wife managed to sound surprised to find me kneeling on the floor of our bedroom. Not just kneeling in a position where one may look for something in a low cupboard. No, I was kneeling with my forehead placed firmly on the floor and my arms outstretched in a supplicatory manner.

Just as Lily had suggested so, in reality, there was no surprise.

Lily enjoyed pretending that I did the humiliating things of my own volition, that I knelt on the floor for my own amusement!

When, of course, the reverse was true.

Lily suggested that I do things and I had no choice but to obey.

As she smiled down at me, my captured cock winced within the chastity belt at the sight of her. Continue reading