Feminine Wiles

Photo by Karl Lagerfeld
Lagerfeld is well recognized around the world for his white hair, black sunglasses, and high starched collars. He is the head creative director of the fashion house Chanel as well as the Italian house Fendi and his own eponymous fashion label. He is also a photographer and artist.

Searching for Sea Sounds






Living in a Fast lane by Ingo Sommer



Olivier Christinat
His work has been the subject of numerous exhibitions in Europe, Japan and the United States. A book New memories gathering his photographic work since 2010 was published in 2017.

Femdom Slave

Could not identify the source of this rather stylish photo. Can anyone help?

Top Model

Adriana Lima photographed by Vincent Peters
Since 2014, Lima has been the world’s second highest-paid model. She does charitable work helping with an orphanage in Salvador. She helps with construction to expand the orphanage, and buys clothes for poor children in Salvador.

Strap-On & Latex

Very shiny. Origin unknown.

Bound Together

Origin unknown.