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Eric Stanton
His early work was, in my opinion, the best.
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Eric Stanton

Vintage Stanton illustrations for covers of pulp erotica.

Eric Stanton

Eric Stanton.

We can see the difference of quality between his early and later work. The second is earlier.

There has been a great deal of discussion in relation to Stanton’s contribution to the creation of Spider Man.

There is an interesting article by Amber Stanton about her father’s input.

Amber Stanton article

Eric Stanton

A Woman Scorned by Eric Stanton.

I’ve posted one of these before but it’s nice to have them together.

There is a lot of Stanton work about, some of it unaccredited.

In 2013, comics historian Ger Apeldoorn uncovered a military-themed daily panel, Tin Hats, distributed by the Bell Syndicate, credited simply “Stanton” but bearing a signature matching that found on Stanton’s later work. It was syndicated from July 27, 1942 to November 18, 1944, beginning when Stanton was not quite 16. (Read more)

Slapping Saturday: Eric Stanton

Eric Stanton.