Over Her Knee

A Big Smile

She clearly loves her work and has an assortment of tools. (Origin unknown.)

OTK Punishment

Eric Stanton
Starting in the late 1960s, Stanton supported himself by self-publishing and distributing his work to a quasi-underground network of subscribers and patrons. His offset printed Stantoons comic-book series, which began in 1982, continued to his death in 1999 and featured many of his best-known “transgressive” concepts, including the superheroine Blunder Broad, and the Amazon-like Princkazons.

Over Her Knee

She appears to be quite proud of her accomplishment! Her expression seems to be saying “Look what I can do!” (Origin unknown).

Femdom Punishment





The painting approves. (Origin unknown)
That painting has seen a few spankings. It was in this previous post! Different room, though. No fireplace.
My deduction is the painting is part of the props for each photo session. Sherlock Diaz on the case!

He Never Learns

Twist & Turn, He Never Learns by Franco

Femdom Fetish

Femdom Cartoon

Jay Em
I’ve posted a number of works by this artist over the years. See them all here!