Regal Dominatrix

Strap-On Saturday

Let’s get physical! Yes, lets! It’s Strap-On Saturday!(Gif origin unknown)
Carmenica’s Musical Bonus

Comfortable Shoes

Surprisingly, looks cute. (Origin unknown)

Another Pose

Photo by Serge de Sazo
Obsessed with filming underwater, he invented a waterproof casing for his Rolleiflex. He used this home-made casing to take the first undersea photographs, with his wife as the subject. After a few minor improvements he photographed a troop of dancers performing under water. A new field of photography was born.


Teasing Mistress


In the Shoe Store

Keeping the customer happy in the shoe store! Vintage erotic art by Bill Ward

Worshiping Slave

She seems to enjoy owning a willing slave. Don’t know where this gif is from but think the original content came from one of the major femdom sites.
Note to self: Don’t mention the shoes!