She seems pleased. He doesn’t. Looks like a photograph in a hotel room. Who is taking the photograph? Is this a cuckolding assignation and the wife’s lover is the photographer? (Origin unknown)

Selfie Time

I like a woman who prepares! I bet she prepared a list!
Hubby in Chastity: Tick
Worship Wednesday: Tick
Mobile Phone: Tick
Selfie Stick: Tick
(Origin unknown)
Femdom Selfies

Wednesday Selfie

The origin of this is a mystery to me. Anyway, selfie time. Maybe the piercings are new. It is unusual for a man to wear a large ring like that, though. Oh my, I’m being sexist! 🙁

Cheeky Grin

A cheeky grin for the camera. A selfie? Or is some else filming? (Origin unknown).

Lazy Saturday

Make him do all the work for the selfie! Why not? (Origin unknown)

Happy Selfie

Another selfie! At least she’s enjoying herself! Don’t know the origins, of course.
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Happy Snap

I have no idea where this came from but, it is safe to say, this is a legitimate selfie? Looks like it, anyway. And she is enjoying it!


I know nothing about this photo. It does appear to be a selfie, though. I have been informed this is a semi-permanent rivet thingy. If you are a handy-person dunce like me, you might find this helpful. Luckily for me, there is someone in my house who loves tools of all description. 😉

Photographic Record

I don’t know the origins of this but I was taken by her expression. Almost like she’s posing for the camera in victory mode!
I think we can tag it as a selfie!