Second Chance (Preview TG Novel)

Second Chance was published in 2006 and was a transgender romance novel of a slightly differernt style that I usually write, as it contained not only the morphing of gender but a little age regression as well. Sometimes, I sneak other themes into these books and this one was a light discussion as to what actually makes a family.

The plot is very simple.

Steve Morrissey, infected with a virus, becomes the target of some unscrupulous people as well as the government while the manufactured disease works its changes on him.“Second Chance” is a transgender adventure story that highlights questions of identity, family, friends and love.

The first chapter of this rather long book is here.

And here is part of the second chapter.

02: There were bees in my ears,  buzzing around – somewhere – and I was warm.

Darkness but mellow, tinged with a yellow light. Continue reading

Second Chance

01: It was freezing cold…
It was freezing cold, winter was coming early and I wondered if snow was in the wind. Perhaps we would even have a white weekend. It would be unusual, but with the weather we had been experiencing lately, anything was possible. Continue reading