FemDom Art Friday: Post 1 of 6 – FemDom Art

It’s appropriate to have Sardax begin our FemDom Art Friday as he is probably one of the well known of artists in this genre. Like Namio, he basically creates nothing but FemDom art.

Saturday: Post 1 of 6 – FemDom Art

Sardax and a little scene that is very relevant to Strap-On Saturday.

Saturday: Post 1 of 6 – FemDom Art

It’s Strap-On Saturday all over the world and this wonderful piece by the marvellous Sardax fits our Saturday mood. There is quite a lot of Sardax here. Follow his tag.

Nylon Thursday: Post 3 of 8 – FemDom Art

Friday: Post 4 of 6 – FemDom Art

Locked-Up Tuesday: Post 3 of 6 – FemDom Art

Wicked Sardax! The chaste pony boy is ready for a race? How he can run in those shoes would be fascinating. Quite the added degree of difficulty.