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This is an example of the style by Sardax that I mentioned in the notes
in this post. I call it his “Art Deco” style which is not totally correct.

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Interview with FemDom Artist Nequissimus

As a beginning, especially for those who may be new to your work,  please tell us a little about your background, where you were born, where  you live, how did you decide on your name and what does it mean?

I was born in a small town of 7000 inhabitants in Western Finland. I lived  there for 20 years, then I moved to Eastern Finland to study and cultivate  myself. I enjoyed student life and finally after some extra studies  completed a Master’s Degree in social sciences. After my graduation I lived  a couple of months in Russia. Now I live in Helsinki, which is the capital  of Finland. 
I picked my name from a book which told about insults. Nequissimus means  “most or very worthless”, it is Latin and it was used by ancient Romans.

When did you discover you had a talent for art? Have you had formal  training?
I don’t have any training but drawing has been my hobby since childhood. 
During last years I’ve been more creative and hard-working than ever  before. Maybe five years ago I started to make paintings, I also drew my  first comics at about the same time. I think that I don’t have any special  talent, but through practice it has been possible to develop my skills to  at least decent level.
In my previous job I had the opportunity to make some illustrations. Which  was nice. Continue reading

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