Interview with FemDom Artist Nequissimus

As a beginning, especially for those who may be new to your work,  please tell us a little about your background, where you were born, where  you live, how did you decide on your name and what does it mean?

I was born in a small town of 7000 inhabitants in Western Finland. I lived  there for 20 years, then I moved to Eastern Finland to study and cultivate  myself. I enjoyed student life and finally after some extra studies  completed a Master’s Degree in social sciences. After my graduation I lived  a couple of months in Russia. Now I live in Helsinki, which is the capital  of Finland. 
I picked my name from a book which told about insults. Nequissimus means  “most or very worthless”, it is Latin and it was used by ancient Romans.

When did you discover you had a talent for art? Have you had formal  training?
I don’t have any training but drawing has been my hobby since childhood. 
During last years I’ve been more creative and hard-working than ever  before. Maybe five years ago I started to make paintings, I also drew my  first comics at about the same time. I think that I don’t have any special  talent, but through practice it has been possible to develop my skills to  at least decent level.
In my previous job I had the opportunity to make some illustrations. Which  was nice. Continue reading

Strap-On Saturday: 5 of 6

Super Sardax Sunday: 1 of 6

Welcome to a Super Sardax Sunday!
Thought it was time we devoted a day to, perhaps, the most prolific and best known Femdom artist of the modern times.
Today we can enjoy a flood of Sardax!
And, if you want to see more, use the Sardax tag to see the other many works by this great artist posted here.

Super Sardax Sunday: 2 of 6

Suburbansub pointed out (and supplied the art) that sometimes Sardax repeats the form and content of some scenes as you can see here.
I have also noticed that his women favour almost sheer baby doll nightwear.

Super Sardax Sunday: 3 of 6

Sardax is renowned not only for his artistic brilliance but also for the heavy humiliation involved in the scenes. His cruelly dominant women are usually quite sweet and clearly amused by the  predicament of the submissive male.

Super Sardax Sunday: 4 of 6

As I mentioned, Sardax occasionally favours the demurely sexy baby doll for his dominant women.