Vintage Femdom

Not exactly sure the origin but it looks like it could be from Rodox or of that style and vintage.





This is How You Do It!

Looks like a lesson for the boys! This is how you do it! Retro erotica from Rodox! See more pictures of this series here!

Retro Lesbian Fun

Yes, I do know what day of the week it is! It’s not Saturday but that doesn’t mean a little strap-on fun? Especially retro fun! See all the pictures here!

Retro Erotica

Go retro! See all the pictures of this series here!

The Good Old Days

Ah, the good old days when an carefree girl could ride around on a motorcycle without knickers! See more here!
I bet there is someone who can tell me exactly what motorcycle it is! Brand, model and year! 🙂

Just a Gigolo

Are you ready for the plot of this vintage picture? He is a gigolo! You can immediately tell by the swimmers, right? The ladies have hired him and, no, not for swimming lessons! See what happens here!
Carmenica’s Musical Bonus

Face Dildo

A vintage face dildo. I don’t know the origin but suspect Rodox. Only because Rodox was, according to my research, the biggest supplier of extreme erotica in the 1970’s.

The dildo seems to be the wrong way up. Would have been better the other way around, I think. Just for appearances.

Vintage Worship

Vintage erotica. No watermark but it looks like it could be from Rodox
BTW, there is at least one musical band called Rodox. I wonder if they know of the origins of the name? Or, just being ironic? Hipsters are so ironic, aren’t they. 🙂

Vintage She-Males

Vintage she-males of yesteryear! See the Rodox series here!