The Good Old Days

Source: Rodox

Vintage Face Sitting

Vintage erotica, perhaps from Rodox

Photocopier Fun

Source: Rodox

Retro Erotica

Source: Rodox

Retro Erotica

Erotica from the seventies! Retro Rodox series with all pictures here!

Vintage Erotica

Possibly from the 1960’s or, possibly, from Rodox

Vintage Femdom Pony

More vintage erotica at Rodox
And I can’t tell if the pony is male or female!

1970’s Erotica

Retro 1970’s erotica from Rodox. The wardrobe choices were …interesting! Let’s hope pink fingerless gloves don’t make a comeback.
See all the pictures here!

A little vintage porn from Rodox magazine from a Danish company which began in 1969. Rodox was seen as high quality pornography and was sold widely throughout Europe and the UK in plain packaging. A Worship Wednesday vintage trivia note. πŸ™‚