Latex Lady

Lady Electra is a professional dominatrix based in Cologne.


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Red Latex

Baroness Pistor by Kassandra Leigh Purcell, model/fetish photographer. She devises some wonderful self-portraits and other creations.
For those who weren’t aware, the Wanda von Dunajew character in Venus in Furs by Leopold von Sacher-Masoch was modelled on Fanny Pistor.
In 1869, Sacher-Masoch and Baroness Fanny Pistor signed a contract making him her slave for a period of six months, with the stipulation that the Baroness wear furs as often as possible, especially when she was in a cruel mood. Sacher-Masoch took the alias of “Gregor”, a servant’s name, and assumed a disguise as the servant of the Baroness. The two travelled by train to Italy. Read more

Strap-On Diva

She clearly likes red. (Origin unknown)

Red Latex Fashionista

James Bertoni. Bertoni has various bondage/fetish sites including movies. Always stylish in his approach.

Stocking Glimpse

Source: Only Tease
Interesting wrist tattoo.

Latex Gloves

Photo by Raymond Kerrin Larum.

Red Corset

Tillie in red! See all the pictures here!

Latex Tease

I have no idea where this picture originated. There is a lot of red in the picture. And that’s a good thing. Don’t know if those latex knickers look that comfortable. Suppose one would only wear them for a short time. πŸ™‚
And I’m sure your eyes, like mine, were instantly drawn to the nail polish! I like that shade.

Sexy Latex

Shiny latex & glossy nylons – sexy photograph by Jim Weathers