Christmas Day: Weirdest Christmas

And the winner of this year’s weirdest Christmas photo goes to…

First Lady Nancy Reagan sits on the knee of television personality Mr. T, dressed as Santa Claus, as he joined her for a preview of the White House Christmas decor in Washington, D.C.1983.

Sunday: Baron Von Lind

Baron Von Lind (Jerry Lind).

Lind worked at Paramount Studios where he painted such stars as Yul Brynner, Sophia Loren, Peter O’Toole and Clint Eastwood to name a few.

In 1982, he was approached by the White House to do a painting of then President Ronald Reagan. The painting now hangs in the Reagan Museum in Simi Valley, California. (Read more)

Tuesday: 3 of 6

Apparently, Faye Reagan is a star or erotic films. I was intrigued by the objet d’art on the desk.
She is dressed tastefully here. She doesn’t wear as much clothing in her videos.