Worship Wednesday: Vintage

Worship Wednesday.

From the now extinct erotic comic Lucy Luvbottom. I could not discover the artist behind (I am so clever) the work. It is reminiscent of Art Wetherall. Anyone help with more?

Worship Wednesday.

The Buster Nolan Scenes

Tommy “Buster” Nolan thought he could control everyone, even when he was paying for a Domme to dominate him. Then, a foolish bet with Pepper Collins, the Domme, puts him in a situation where he really loses control and has to endure terrible humiliation!

He has to face his old enemy and, at the same time, learns to face himself!

Note: Originally published as a series of four books in 2011, the individual books are now consolidated into this one volume.


The Buster Nolan Scenes – Available now for instant download after purchase.


Worship Wednesday.