Parisian Brothels

In 1975, Alexandre Dupouy received a call from a bookseller friend who said that he had an old gentleman with “something special to show him.” What he had was a luxury car with a trunk full of black-and-white photographs of naked and smiling prostitutes from the 1930s. He explained that he took most of the pictures in a brothel on the Rue Pigalle. Given that he could feel his days were numbered, the old man agreed to part with the pictures as long as he could remain anonymous. That man became known as “Monsieur X.”
Monsieur X must have been close, friendly, and generous with the ladies. What is amazing is that the girls seem very relaxed in the pictures—they are actually having fun.
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Enjoying the Moment






Ah, summertime! The living is certainly easier! Carmenica’s Musical Bonus
Origin of gif unknown.

Mistress & Slave

Lady Sonia in control of her slave. See more pictures here!

Feminisation Art

Bruce Baker


Photo by Belgian fetish photographer Alan Tex


Retro Action

They were acrobatically energetic in the good old days!
Source: Retro Raw


Our serial exhibitionist Jeny Smith doesn’t seem to feel the cold. The woman in the background is a little more sensible.