Photograph by Jo Schwab who is based in Berlin. The list of her clients and publications is impressive.

The Lady

Lady on the Beach by American artist Jamie Adams.
I love this painting. In my mind, this painting creates so many possible stories. And, of course, raises questions. What is she thinking? Is she attracted to one of the women? Is that why she’s toying with her bikini bottoms? Who is lying so close to her? As I said, a wonderful painting.

Girdle, Stockings & Heels

Monte Carlo

Cecilia and BMW Z1, Monte-Carlo, 1981 by Helmut Newton

Maggie in Boots

American Model Maggie Maurer

Vintage Centrefold

Joan Staley was Playboy’s Playmate of the Month, November 1958. The photo is by Ron Vogel
She had quite a TV career appearing in The Tab Hunter Show, The Lawless Years, The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet, The New Phil Silvers Show, The Lively Ones for NBC, Perry Mason, Stoney Burke, Wagon Train, McHale’s Navy, The Virginian, The Dick Van Dyke Show, Burke’s Law, The Munsters, Batman, Maverick, Hawaiian Eye, and Surfside 6, among others.


Rachel Nude(1992) by photographer, artist and collector Lisa Spindler


Mercedes (1940) by Herbert Matter was a Swiss-born American photographer and graphic designer known for his pioneering use of photomontage in commercial art.
As a photographer, Matter won acclaim for his purely visual approach. A master technician, he used every method available to achieve his vision of light, form and texture. Manipulation of the negative, retouching, cropping, enlarging and light drawing are some of the techniques he used to achieve the fresh form he sought in his still-lifes, landscapes, nudes and portraits.
As a filmmaker, he directed two films on his friend Alexander Calder: “Sculptures and Constructions” in 1944 and “Works of Calder” (with music by John Cage) for the Museum of Modern Art in 1950.
Close friends of Matter and his wife Mercedes were the painters Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning, fellow Swiss photographer Robert Frank and Alberto Giacometti. Mercedes was the daughter of the American modernist painter Arthur Beecher Carles, and was herself the chief founder of the New York Studio School.
Matters died in 1984 and Mercedes in 2001.


Origin unknown.