Pony Play

Michael Manning
Manning is an American comic book artist and writer, fine art illustrator, and traditionally trained animator currently based in Los Angeles, California. He is best known for his graphic novel series, The Spider Garden and Tranceptor, which combine elements of pan-sexual fetishism and BDSM culture with complex characters in science fiction and fantasy settings. He is also active in the supernatural horror and fantasy genres.
The Spider garden website has been abandoned.

Forest Pony

Origin unknown.

Tease in Red



Boot Fetishist

Dressage of The Pony Slave Boot Fetishist by His Riding Mistress by Bernard Montorgeuil


Perhaps the Simply Red song Fairground is playing while they ride?

Cowgirl Fun

Femdom Pony Art

Kathy’s Pony by Fabio Vermelho 2016.

Femdom Pony Play