Secret Erotica

Polaroid photograph by Italian architect Carlo Mollino from the collection discovered after his death.

Secret Polaroids

Another from the posthumously discovered Polaroid collection by Italian architect Carlo Mollino.


Barbara Leigh by Helmut Newton 1990
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Vintage Secret Photos

Another sexy Polaroid by Italian architect Carlo Mollino.

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Origin Unknown



Mrs Needham

A subtle and slightly different female domination novel.

Mrs Needham – married several times, beautiful and wealthy – always gets what she wants and has her own unique philosophy – there are no rules!

A chance meeting with Matt at a resort in Barbados changes lives forever. Games, sex in the sun and a young man learns a lesson that changes his view of the world.

There are no whips, no obvious submissive characters in this novel but there is Mrs Needham.


Mrs Needham – Available for immediate download after purchase!


Bianca Jagger

Bianca Jagger by Andy Warhol

Carlo Mollino

Carlo Mollino.

There are roughly 1200 surviving Polaroids, never exhibited during his life, which were found following his death in 1973.

The images are best described by adjectives closely associated with the presence of money: rich, sumptuous, lavish.

They are all eroticized images of women, but the subject is not sex. It’s clear that more so than the human body, Mollino was attracted to the aesthetic abstraction of beauty as a lifestyle.

As an architect and designer, Mollino spent his life crafting forms to accommodate the human body, but in his photography there is the apparent desire to reverse the order of supremacy and make the human form an element of design. (Source)

Sometime around 1960, he began to seek out women—mostly dancers—in his native Turin, inviting them to his villa for late-night modelling sessions. The models would pose against extraordinary backdrops, designed by Mollino, in clothing, wigs and accessories that he had carefully selected. Finally, having printed the Polaroids, Mollino would painstakingly amend them with an extremely fine brush, to attain his idealized vision of the female form. (Source)


Erotic Episodes

A collection of short stories, Erotic Episodes, contains the following stories: Biological Urges, Wanting, A Script for Wednesday, Acceptance, Due Respect, Maid, The Visit, Bruised, Aching and Melody.


Erotic Episodes – Available for instant download after purchase!