CFNM Femdom art by Pink.

CFNM Humiliation


Thursday: 6 of 6


Friday: 6 of 6


Wednesday: 2 of 6

Music isn’t really soothing the savage beast! FemDom humiliation from Pink.

Strap-On Saturday: 3 of 6

Strap-On/Forced Femme art from (I think) Pink.

Friday: 3 of 6

Pink photographed by Bryan Adams.

Strap-On Saturday: 2 of 6

The work of Pink always features a nerdy young man who is humiliated by a group of laughing women. In this strap-on scene, he appears to be enjoying his predicament.

 The nerdy men of Pink’s art always get a difficult time at the hands of the laughing women. This is no exception. I suspect the women have cheated at Strip Poker! *smile*