Strap-On Saturday

Just another Strap-On Saturday!

Source: Men in Pain

Fetish Piercing

Hidden Pleasure by photographer Petr Jedinรกk


Origin unknown.


And it seems it was posted at House of Gord? I suspect that site was not the origin of this artwork. I also donโ€™t know if this is Simon Benson. It is not the style of Roger Benson.

Another Bikini Tease

Desraya Noir in another revealing bikini. Ah, summer! It is just around the corner, isnโ€™t it?
Desraya Noir website

Red Knickers

Chloe Toy teasing in lingerie. See all the pictures of this series here!

Face Sitting Lovers!


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Pantyhose Tease

Desyrasnylon teasing in sheer pantyhose. See all the pictures here!


Origin unknown.