Urgent Worship

Looks like she has a hole in her stockings. Source: Naughty America

CFNM Femdom


Photograph by Chip Willis

Mistress & Cane


At first, I thought they were in the country, enjoying a picnic and communing with nature. However, that looks like a tennis court behind them. Still could be in the country, I know, but players could be hitting balls on the court while these two are enjoying their own Worship Wednesday love match!
Source: Naughty America

Face Slap

Source: Men in Pain

Wednesday Selfie

The origin of this is a mystery to me. Anyway, selfie time. Maybe the piercings are new. It is unusual for a man to wear a large ring like that, though. Oh my, I’m being sexist! 🙁


Origin unknown.

Unconventional Girl

Origin unknown.