I confess I do not like the show Big Bang Theory and have watched it rarely. However, if it had scenes in it like this fake, I’d watch it more often!
Carmenica’s Musical Bonus

Naked Waiter

Calling all internet sleuths! Is this the result of a little creative photoshop use? Then again, she does look a little like Miss Hybrid

Displayed in Bondage

Gerte Klöppner


Gerte Klöppner

She male Teases

See more boys in panties here!

Origin unknown.



Worship Art

Axel Art

Beached Cuckold

I don’t know the origin of this. There does appear to be a logo in the top corner, but I can’t read it. However, I do suspect a little photoshop magic.

Leather Gloves

This is from Ladies in Leather Gloves
There is also a popular alternative with a strap-on.
Considered posting it yesterday but didn’t have room so you can see the strap-on alternative here.