Photograph by Chip Willis

Double Life

Bettie Page photographed by Harold Lloyd
The greatest comedian of the silent era, Harold Lloyd was also a passionate 3-D photographer, and few Hollywood stars of the Fifties escaped his double lenses. By the time he died in 1971, aged 77, Lloyd had amassed nearly 300,000 slides. (Read more)


Flashing at the 1981 Cannes Film Festival by Helmut Newton, of course.


Vintage Erotica

Photograph by pioneer fetish photographer Elmer Batters.


American model Hailey Baldwin is the daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin. This photo is by Bjorn Looss

Another Pose

Photo by Serge de Sazo
Obsessed with filming underwater, he invented a waterproof casing for his Rolleiflex. He used this home-made casing to take the first undersea photographs, with his wife as the subject. After a few minor improvements he photographed a troop of dancers performing under water. A new field of photography was born.

The View