Femdom Diva


Photograph by Alina Lebedeva

Lingerie Noir

Jeanloup Sieff
In 1970, he photographed Yves Saint Laurent nude for an advertisement. Apparently, the photo was quite scandalous for its time. If you are terribly brave, you can see the photo here!

Line Them Up, Boys!

Pretty in Pink

Origin unknown. And I’m intrigued by the objects on the bedside table!

Firm Pegging


This appears to be from a comic but I could not discover the origin. Update: Untipo tells us the artist is Nite Q.

She’s Ready!

Nice corset. I couldn’t identify her or photographer, but I do like the corset. The design is nice and the colour of the dildo reflects the corset design. Nice Touch. Of course, I am stricken with straight hair envy again! *sigh*

Ready for the Camera

Attributed to Leone Frollo
With the camera and her smile, I wonder if she is meant to be Bettie Page?