The Debt – Problems

Problems with Downloading New Book.

It appears the preview for the book was uploaded into the distribution system in error instead of the actual eBook.

That has now been adjusted and the eBook is now in the system for download.

We apologise for the error and put it down to being in  a hurry and late at night. 🙁 Sorry.

The correct copy has been sent to the email address used for purchase. Unfortunately 2 of those emails sent were returned. If you have not received a new copy of the book, please contact us using the email address on the top navigation bar. A new copy will be sent immediately.

We also noticed that one purchaser paid twice for the book. We assumed that was a mistake  🙂 and refunded the second amount.

Once again, sorry for the mix-up.


Social Media

Rather tired of the maliciousness, the misogynist behaviour and the persecution that Tumblr employs to remove blogs that may be edgy and creative so have closed my Tumblr mirror.

Sadly, I am tired of all social media and am leaving Ello & Twitter as well. I am streamlining my life.

So, to all those who followed me on Tumblr, Ello & Twitter, goodbye and thanks for all the fish.

This blog/web page will continue, but of course.

August Bookshop Special!


August Bookshop  Special

(Expires 31st August)


 Everything in the book shop reduced by 20%

  Use the discount code: summer15


To end a perfect day (sarcasm alert!), have lost all email in my web mail server. And, am finding it very difficult to send mail, especially with attachments!

It is a small disaster!

If you have sent me emails within the last 24 hours, I would not have received it.  Sorry.


Bookshop News: Wicked Wives

Wicked Wives – Four female domination stories about four decidedly wicked wives!

(65 pages, 19,000 words.€6.00)

To purchase and download ebook, go to the bookshop.


Finally finished A Delicate Balance! It will be published soon after 5 years! Yes, it has been revised and completed! Out soon!

Have you investigated the tag cloud? It’s interesting to examine the tags used. The 50 most popular tags is also interesting.

Mailing List

A quick note regarding the mailing list.

We have now brought the mailing list in-house and book updates are delivered via this site.

However, the system that is used automatically deletes addresses when the email bounces. So, if your internet provider limits mail, or your mailbox was full so delivery is prevented, your email address is automatically deleted from the list.

You can subscribe at any time here and you will receive an email when a new book is updated or there is a special available in the bookshop.

The email list is private and not given to any other organisations. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Coments, Twitter and Stuff.

You may notice that you now cannot leave a comment on posts older than a year.

This blog receives over 1,000 attempted spam a day and most try on the old posts. To try to stop the amount, no commenting on posts a year or more older.

At the urging of some, have joined Twitter (again) and nice to see some of you are following me.  Have just been resending posts but will now also add a few more “Tweets”.

Tried to tweet a photo while I was away but didn’t work. Apparently my mobile was not set up for it (according to one who knows all the technology stuff) 🙂 Anyway, she fixed it but the moment had passed.

My Twitter profile is here.

Phil sent me the link to Pussy Energy Drinks! “the Drink’s pure! It’s your mind that’s the problem!” 🙂  Had to happen sooner or latter!


Bookshop News

Two book updates!
Firstly, the final book in Tales of Aswin, Book 15 has been released.
As a thank you to all those who have followed this TG romance through 14 episodes, the 15th and final episode is free. Go here to download.
Secondly, a super special for those who enjoy extreme female domination.
The Modern Slavery series is quite popular with 12 episodes! For July only, a super discount is available.
Episodes 1 – 4 usually €28,35 – NOW €14,00 Discount Code: mod1
Episodes 5 – 8 usually €28,35 – NOW €14,00 Discount Code: mod2
Episodes 9 – 12 usually €28,35 – NOW €14,00 Discount Code: mod3
A saving of over €40,00!
This discount applies only for the month of July! Go here and scroll down until you see Email Discount. Don’t forget to use the codes.