Secret Polaroid

Carlo Mollino was a very creative person. Iโ€™ve posted many of his secret polaroids and some of the story of his life here over the years. In the last years of his life (between 1965 and 1973) he designed the two buildings that made him famous: the Camera di Commercio building and the Teatro Regio Torino (Regio Theater), both in Turin, Italy.

Ode to Pubic Hair

Another Polaroid from the secret collection of Italian architect Carlo Mollino. The pictures were discovered posthumously.
Gwerful Mechain is one of the most famous female Welsh-language poets. Also, the only female medieval Welsh poet from whom a substantial body of work has survived.
Probably the most famous part of her work today is her erotic poetry, especially Cywydd y Cedor (“Ode to the Pubic Hair”), a poem praising the vulva. It is a work in which she upbraids male poets for celebrating so many parts of a woman’s body. “Let songs about the quim circulate,” she adjures her readers. As to the pubic hair: “Lovely bush, God save it.” Yes, letโ€™s save it! If you want to read the poem, you can find it here.

Secret Polaroids

Carlo Mollino
A huge collection of erotic polaroids taken by Mollino were discovered after his death. Each image was carefully composed with costumes, furniture and backdrops reflecting Mollino’s refined aesthetic.
He was once credited as saying, “Everything is permissible as long as it is fantastic.” That credo was certainly reflected throughout his body of work. Mollino’s architecture and furniture are famous for their ability to enable occupants to manipulate volumes at a whim.


Vintage Polaroids

Secret Erotica

Polaroid photograph by Italian architect Carlo Mollino from the collection discovered after his death.

Secret Polaroids

Another from the posthumously discovered Polaroid collection by Italian architect Carlo Mollino.

Vintage Secret Photos

Another sexy Polaroid by Italian architect Carlo Mollino.

Vintage Display