Vintage Polaroids

Secret Erotica

Polaroid photograph by Italian architect Carlo Mollino from the collection discovered after his death.

Secret Polaroids

Another from the posthumously discovered Polaroid collection by Italian architect Carlo Mollino.

Vintage Secret Photos

Another sexy Polaroid by Italian architect Carlo Mollino.

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Lost Dreams

Carlo Mollino

Carlo Mollino

Carlo Mollino 1935

Carlo Mollino  has been credited with saying, “Everything is permissible as long as it is fantastic.”

After Mollino’s death in 1973, a huge collection of his erotic Polaroids were discovered, each featuring a provocatively-posed pin-up impeccably coordinated with a colorful backdrop, elaborate costume, or piece of furniture.

The vast archive of footage posthumously uncovered another side to the architect’s creativity, that was unbeknownst to the pubic when he was still alive.

However, Mollino is known for more than just a stash of secret erotic Polaroids.

Casa Mollino

Casa Mollino was the 18th-century styled villa that Carlo Mollino designed as a tableau for his pursuits.

Casa Cattaneo

Constructed on the foothills of the Alps, and benefitting from majestic views over Lake Maggiore, the Casa Cattaneo endures as a unique and complete surviving expression of Carlo Mollino’s distinctive architecture and interior design.

It is the only private villa ever designed by Mollino and is one of very few of his structures to remain intact.

Carlo Mollino III Desk, 1950