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Two book updates!
Firstly, the final book in Tales of Aswin, Book 15 has been released.
As a thank you to all those who have followed this TG romance through 14 episodes, the 15th and final episode is free. Go here to download.
Secondly, a super special for those who enjoy extreme female domination.
The Modern Slavery series is quite popular with 12 episodes! For July only, a super discount is available.
Episodes 1 – 4 usually €28,35 – NOW €14,00 Discount Code: mod1
Episodes 5 – 8 usually €28,35 – NOW €14,00 Discount Code: mod2
Episodes 9 – 12 usually €28,35 – NOW €14,00 Discount Code: mod3
A saving of over €40,00!
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The Modern Slavery Series (Preview)

This began as just an idea for one book but soon snowballed into the longest series I have written. In all, including the bonus volume,Β  there are 13 books in the Modern Slavery series. It took a while to write. The first book was published in 2008 while the final volume was released in 2009.

This was quite extreme with body modification and harsh female domination as Aaron progresses through the slave system. The aim was for the reader to exist within Aaron’s head as he suffers all forms of unspeakable cruelty and humilation.

Β This series was also quite popular at the time of publication and there is still a great deal of interest. The complete series is displayed here.

And here is the preview of Modern Slavery, Volume 1.


Once, I had a normal life.

I don’t try to think about it too often as it overwhelms me, reminds me of what I have lost. It is just the past that I have sadly left behind. Continue reading

Modern Slavery 12 Published!

The final volume in the long Modern Slavery series is out now!
I hope you enjoy Modern Slavery 12!
It was difficult to settle on an ending so I have published some alternative endings (some written by me, others by readers) for your enjoyment.
This small volume called Variations on an ending is free and the download link is available at the end of Modern Slavery 12.
I’m looking forward to your comments! Don’t be shy!

Modern Slavery 11 Published!

This is a full length novel over 28,900 words!
With just one further volume to go after this, Modern Slavery 11 sets the scene for the conclusion!
Warning, you may not like the ending in the last volume but, don’t worry, as I will publish some alternative endings so you can choose the one you like! The alternative endings will be a bonus and free.
Anyway, Modern Slavery 11 is available now!

Modern Slavery 10 Published!

As I posted yesterday, have decided that the series will complete with volume 12! There are more details in yesterday’s post and would like your thoughts!
In Modern Slavery 10 the slave formerly known as Aaron faces intense humiliation as he is revealed to many more women at the Eastern Decameron.
(Volume 10 is a little longer than the other volumes with 17,887 words. )
Modern Slavery 10 – available now.

Modern Slavery 9 published!

Life continues for the slaves at the Eastern Decameron!
After the big opening, the slaves begin to service the lucky customers. Who is lucky? The slave or the guest!
Aaron has his first interaction with a paying guest that is quite mind blowing in its own way.
Carrie glanced down at me, smiled slightly as she opened the door and walked in. After a moments hesitation as she did not order me, I anxiously crawled in and looked around.
The walls were a deep red and the centrepiece of the room was a huge, ornate carved bed with wispy gauze as a canopy. It looked like something that could have come from an eighteenth century harem.
All the furniture was eastern in appearance and even the rugs on the polished timber floor had a distinct Turkish feel.
However, there are repercussions for Aaron!
Then, his second guest delivers a cruelly humiliating experience! (12,822 words)
Always interested in your comments. Post a comment or two here!. Your thoughts and comments are always appreciated.

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Modern Slavery 8 Published!

Been a busy few weeks for me with other business issues! Hopefully, those small matters are now under control and I can refocus on my writing! As you can see, Modern Slavery 8 is out and I am moving through Modern Slavery 9 at a cracking pace!
The tale of Aaron’s slavery continues with the opening of the startling Eastern Decameron. As well, the slave learns a few home truths from Ms Van Horn. The tale is building slowly. (14,649 words)
I am, as always interested in your comments. Perhaps, you have suggestions to how Aaron’s tale should end? Of course, I have my view (*smile*) but always delighted to hear yours. Please let me know by email or posting a comment or two here. Your thoughts and comments are always appreciated.
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Modern Slavery 7 Published!

The now nameless slave arrives at the Eastern Decameron for duty!
However, there is an inspection required by the cool, aloof trainer, Miss Ingrid! And she is very thorough!

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Modern Slavery 1


Once, I had a normal life.

I don’t try to think about it too often as it overwhelms me, reminds me of what I have lost. It is just the past that I have sadly left behind.


The bottom line is that I have lost everything!

Many people have said that before, I am sure, when they have lost their fortune or their wife. Perhaps, after another form of personal disaster, they may have lost their house or a loved one, maybe a favoured pet animal. Continue reading