Apollonia Saintclair
See all of her work I have posted over the years here.

Femdom Humiliation

Retro Face-Sitting

Held in Place

Origin unknown.

Sensual Mystery

Howard Chaykin, American comic book artist and writer.
This illustration is a mystery. What is she holding? Has she left a lipstick imprint on something? Or is it a compact mirror showing the viewer is a woman? Interesting.

Mistress & Slave

Unfortunately, do not know the origin of this.


A Different Marriage. 14 Volumes of an extraordinary Femdom Saga available HERE


Femdom Series 10 eBooks
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New Art

Kaethe Butcher is a young old German artist who illustrates women in very erotic and provocative ways. She’s heavily influenced by Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele, as well as Art Nouveau, which gives her seductive drawings a touch of romance.

Stern & Sexy

Lady Karma
And here is a tip for photographers! If you are going to put a watermark on your work, make sure we can read it!

Femdom Strap-On

Origin unknown.