Source: Evil Angel

The Knife

Enki Bilal s a French comic book creator, comics artist and film director.

Mysterious Pin-Up

Jan Burton photographed by John Radford

The Waiter

Worship Wednesday

Yes, it’s our first Worship Wednesday for 2019! She’s calling someone to tell that them just that!

And she gives him a little help with her knickers, moving them out of the way!

She’s happy he’s focusing on her!

And he’s doing well!
Want to learn some new skills in 2019? Become a cunnilingus master!

Girdle Girl

Forced Feminisation Art

Eric Stanton was an American illustrator whose images of submissive men at the mercy of sexually powerful woman subverted the gender politics of his lifetime. Much of his art has been collected by Taschen in The Man Who Knows His Place

Cheeky Flick

That is, actually, quite easy to do. (Origin unknown).

The Cane