Lesbian Domination


Femdom F/f


The Vixen G-Spot Hollow Strap-On Harness. Perfect for women and, as it is hollow, men can use it to enhance what nature failed to provide!
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Feminine Control.

Photo by Anton Lesnoy
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Vintage Erotica

Erotica from the 1920s by German Artist Helga Bode
It’s still not certain that the artist was female but apparently many of the scenes she illustrated were taken to be autobiographical in nature and inspired by erotic experiences of her own when growing up.
Many of her illustrations appeared in scientific and pseudo-scientific books on sexology and related subjects published in Germany and Austria in the early 1930s.

The Shoe Handbag

You can see the movie trailer at Fully Clothed Sex
Will you see the shoe handbag?

Una bottiglia di Jack e di te

Photo by Alan Pedroso