Strap-On Diva

Origin unknown.

The Kiss

Aisii & Marina by Daniel Ilinca also known as idaniphotography





Vintage Dominatrix

I don’t know the origins of this, apart from it being clearly vintage.
I do wonder what she was thinking when she put that silly outfit on? Another day at the office?

Crack It!

Crack it! by Frans Mensink


Miz Berlin 2 by AleX00XelA


Nina Hartley and friends. I guess they want to watch!

Comfortable Shoes

Surprisingly, looks cute. (Origin unknown)


Lee Carroll (born August 18, 1939; some sources list 1948 as her birth year in New York City) is an American porn star and adult model who appeared in over 130 film and video features during her career in the late 1970’s and 1980’s. She worked under various names and presently works mainly as a dominatrix.

Carroll is enjoying the oral attentions of Sharon Kane who appeared in many adult magazines and pornographic movies, in both dominant and submissive roles. She is now head of production for Naughty America‘s gay site Suite 703

This scene is from the 1983 movie Sexcapades





Vintage BDSM

Jacques Biederer, who began his career in 1913, in Paris, started with G-rated portraits and continued with more sensual themes, like nude ladies or couples during an erotic activity, using a regular outdoors spot or a carefully arranged set as his background.
He moved into fetish photography, which involved some scandalous poses, from the innocent practice of corseting to whips and domination.
Biederer was captured when the Nazis occupied France during World War II’. He died in Auschwitz.