“And in love, there is such sweet pain.” ‘Kryztal’ was a very early novel that attempted to combine BDSM with love. It is an M/f story so that in itself is very unusual for me.


Written in 2004, Kryztal was somewhat of an experiment as it is predominately male domination!

Strange, eh? The idea came to me but it was impossible to write it as a female domination so thought I would try my hand at M/f.

The first part was published in various story sites and the response was quite good. So, I published the complete story of Kyztal.

It is a little rough in places as it was written over six years ago and I like to think I have improved.

Every now and again, I get the urge to rewrite some of the old stories with the experience and writing skills I have now.

That feeling soon passes as I know I would be horribly bored rewriting old material!

Anyway, here is the first part of Kyztal. Continue reading

PDF Previews

The following Previews are available as PDF files  and can be downloaded from the Preview Page.

More information on each book can be found on the main page. Simply find the link to the book on the left hand border of that page.

The Chaste Cuckold (F/m)
Mirror, Mirror (F/m)
Owned by Stacey (F/f)
Lingerie Drone (F/m)
Shame (F/f)
Natural Selection (F/m)
The Humiliation of Claudia (F/f)
A Little Spice (F/m)
Elizabeth Grey (TG)
The Dickson Device (F/m)
Kryztal (M/f)
Toys in the Attic (F/m)
Cruel Ryoko (F/m)
The Maya Twins (F/m)
The Loving Mistress (F/m)
The Star Society (F/m)