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Eric Kroll

Eric Kroll

Eric Kroll

Eric Kroll.

Books published by Kroll include:

“Sex Objects”, 1977.

“Fetish Girls”, 1994.

“Beauty Parade”, 1997.

“The Transformations of Gwen 1 & 2”, 2000 & 2001. (Source)

Eric Kroll

Eric Kroll.

Monday: 2 of 6

A different self-portrait from fetish photographer Eric Kroll.

Sunday: 2 of 6

Eric Kroll currently lives in Tucson, Arizona.

Eric Kroll has no interest in photographing nudes. But show him a woman in fur-lined panties and extreme heels bound to a chair — with her consent, of course — and he’s all eyes.

“I don’t think my work stood out until I started using elements that really turn me on — high heels, stockings, vintage girdles,” says Kroll, a photographer who specializes in fetishistic erotica with a sense of humour. (Read more)