A Kiss

Didn’t Sappho say her guts clutched up like this?
Before a face suddenly numinous,
her eyes watered, knees melted. Did she lactate
again, milk brought down by a girl’s kiss?

Didn’t Sappho by Marilyn Hacker
(Origin of photo unknown)

Historical Lesbian Romance







Secret Polaroids

Carlo Mollino
A huge collection of erotic polaroids taken by Mollino were discovered after his death. Each image was carefully composed with costumes, furniture and backdrops reflecting Mollino’s refined aesthetic.
He was once credited as saying, “Everything is permissible as long as it is fantastic.” That credo was certainly reflected throughout his body of work. Mollino’s architecture and furniture are famous for their ability to enable occupants to manipulate volumes at a whim.

Cuckold Kiss

I don’t know the origins of this gif. However, you may find this interesting.

Erotic Kiss

Marcel Vidoudez. An interesting life and he died, in 1968, at a restaurant table.

Not Just A Kiss

Not sure where this is from but it is nice. If you remember Katy Perry’s “straight girl dared to kiss” routine, you may enjoy the rebuttal. Carmenica’s Music Bonus




Erogenous Zone

“The word erogenous comes from the Greek eros which means love, and the English genous, meaning producing. An erogenous zone is an area of the human body that has heightened sensitivity, which, when stimulated, may create a sexual response such as relaxation, thoughts of sexual fantasies, sexual arousal and orgasm.” Independent

The Voyeur

Erotic art by Marcel Vidoudez And who is that peeping through the convenient hole in the door? The cuckolded husband?
Marcel Vidoudez created about 400 secret images, erotic watercolours, found by his daughter after his death in 1968. These works are neither dated nor signed.

Forced to Kiss

They force their slaves to kiss! Sexy! See the movies here!

I’m Batman

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