The Kiss

The Kiss, Gold Coast, 1981 by Rennie Ellis

The Kiss

Paul-Émile Bécat.
They do seem to have a lot of baskets. is there a basket fetish?
Wait! You guys probably didn’t notice the baskets? Are they like bed linen? 🙂


Stealing a Kiss

Beached Cuckold

I don’t know the origin of this. There does appear to be a logo in the top corner, but I can’t read it. However, I do suspect a little photoshop magic.

Cuckold in the Corner

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No, I didn’t forget …

No, I didn’t forget today is Friday 13th!
There, I have recognised it. Look out for black cats and other superstitions.
It is a little known fact but it is good luck to kiss someone on Friday 13th. 🙂 Really. Would I lie?
Sadly, I don’t know the origins of the wonderful photo.

Femdom Kiss

Origin unknown.

Kiss the Cuckold