Heel & Knickers

Nicole Vaunt’s foot plays with the hem of Sugar Pepper Jones’ dress. Photograph by Corwin Prescott

She Male

TS Tasha Jones has found a man! See the pictures here!



Naomi Campbell

Naomi by Terrence Donovan, British Elle, 1988

Naomi by Edward Maxey, Paper, 1990

Naomi in the famous Coke curlers by Ellen von Unwerth, 1991

Naomi by Michel Comte, Vogue Italia, 1994

Recruited at the age of 15, Naomi Campbell established herself among the top three most recognisable and in-demand models of the late 1980s and the 1990s, and was one of six models of her generation declared supermodels by the fashion industry.
Campbell, who has never met her biological father, regards record producers Quincy Jones and Chris Blackwell as adopted father figures. Former South African president Nelson Mandela referred to Campbell as his “honorary granddaughter”. (Read more)

Tuesday: Dali by Bokelberg

Dali by Wermer Bokelberg.

His full name was Salvador Domingo Felipe Jacinto Dalí i Domènech, Marqués de Dalí de Pubol but was famously known as Salvador Dalí, or, even more simply, just Dali.

Dalí attributed his “love of everything that is gilded and excessive, my passion for luxury and my love of oriental clothes” to an “Arab lineage”, claiming that his ancestors were descended from the Moors. (Read more)

Adrien Brody portrayed Dali in the Woody Allen film “Midnight in Paris”.

Bokelberg trained as a photographer then threw it aside to pursue acting and comedy. Then, he returned to photography for several famous German news magazines where he photographed Dali, Picasso, Brian Jones, Andy Warhol and others. (Read more)

Tuesday: 4 of 6

Amanda Jones by Ray-Gun Mambo.

Sunday: 2 of 6

Bob Carlos Clarke.

Carlos Clarke did not only photograph women, some of his best known photographs are of men; notably Keith Richards, Vinnie Jones and Marco Pierre White. (Read more)

Friday: 2 of 6

January Jones for Versace, photographed by Mario Testino.

Friday: 1 of 6

Peter Andrew Jones (website) is a contemporary British artist and illustrator
born into the relative poverty of post-war Britain in Islington, North London
in 1951.
In 1973, during the second year of his graphic design course at St. Martins, a
college friend, David Case (who later went on to become head of design at
the Financial Times) was reading a Panther Books paperback edition of
science fiction author EE “Doc” Smith’s “Triplanetary”. David suggested to
Peter, “Read it, it’ll blow your mind”. Peter bought a copy and later, during a
regular session with his tutor, visiting lecturer and illustrator Fritz Wagner,
the latter co-incidentally suggested that, because of Peter’s “highly
developed skill of rendering realistic imagery” he might consider painting
things that don’t actually exist, as in science fiction stories. (Bio)

Monday: 4 of 6

Grace Jones photographed by Robert Mapplethorpe in 1988.