Interview: Bobby Luv

 As a beginning, especially for those who may be new to your work, please tell us a little about the background of Bobby Luv.  For example, where you were born, where you live and what made you begin to post erotic works on the web.
I was born and have always lived in NYC. I have a BFA and have been drawing “dirty pictures” in secrecy all my life besides making “Fine Art”. As you can imagine, growing up in NYC exposed me to a lot of the darker aspects of sexuality. About 15 years ago I was making some changes in my life and decided I needed to be more honest and open about who I was. I tentatively posted some drawings on an erotic art website and discovered that quite a few people really connected with them and so I’ve been sharing them ever since.

When did you discover you had a talent for art? Have you had formal training? If so, was it helpful in developing your very recognisable style?
There is an element of Mannerism to my graphite drawings which probably came from creating in secrecy; never expecting to show my drawings to anyone, I never felt I needed to suit anybody’s ideals about what a good drawing was, so I drew what pleased me.

What is your creative process? That is, step by step through the creation of a picture. (Do you draw/paint/ink by hand or use technology etc)
Inspiration comes from many places: Porn, erotica, a scenario I’ve either read about or come up with myself, real life experiences,etc. I guess I mostly start with a pose and develop the drawing around that. I’ve been drawing in graphite for many years, but recently started working in color digitally. I find it very freeing to be able to change the drawing so easily. But even the digital work starts out as a hand drawing. I work on most of my drawings a little bit at a time over years before I feel they’re finished. It’s kind of an agonizingly slow process, but revisiting drawings over and over has yielded the introduction of some interesting elements. Sometimes I over work them and ruin them. With pencil and paper you can only erase so many times. Continue reading

Interview with Flora Jasper

I have recently  discovered the work of Flora Jasper and twisted her arm to talk about herself and her art. 🙂

Flora, as a beginning, especially for those who may be new to your work, please tell us a little about your background, where you were born, where you live.
I am a native of New York City, and currently I live in the nearby area.
I was always fascinated with darker tastes, and growing up I did everything I could to personify those feelings; I looked to black and white films, femme fatales, Victorian dress, corsetry, darkwave music. I wore lots of black, bustled skirts, spiked collars, striped stockings, petticoats and ruffles, fishnets, PVC, anything I could get my hands on that helped me emulate those tastes.
My fashion has since evolved from that of an angst-y teenage goth, but I credit Manhattan with aiding my exploration into darker subcultures, which ultimately lead to the artist I am today.

When did you discover you had a talent for art? Have you had formal training? If so, was it helpful in developing your style?
I wouldn’t necessarily say I had an inherent talent for art, but rather an inclination to draw.
What helped me establish my ability was the fact that, as a child, I was already critiquing my own work. I knew what looked right and what did not, and I had no issue being critical of myself. I would do something like twenty drawings a week, each marked according to how “good” they were. My parents picked up on that, and (in addition to my weekend studio sessions with my great-grandmother) employed tutors for me. I was always in an art class or under the watchful eye of a teacher. I can probably credit one of my later tutors for my interest in watercolor techniques. I had abandoned watercolors for oil paint for some time, and picked them up again in 2013. The work you see now is a result of much trial and error in these past two years. Continue reading

10 Questions!

Since I have returned from holidays, there have been quite a number of emails asking me questions about myself!

Instead of answering them privately, it was suggested by a certain someone that I should allow readers to interview me!

Ten questions only!

Send in your one question (see the Ask/Contact link above) and we will select the ten most interesting to all from all submitted. Judging by the emails, we will receive more than ten.

Once the ten are selected, they will be published and I will then answer those.

Of course, if no questions received, no answers required!  🙂

Interview: Irene Clearmont, FemDom Author

1. It is not often I talk to other writers and not at all to other writers of Female Domination fiction. It’s a great pleasure, therefore, to spend a little time with author, Irene Clearmont!
Welcome, Irene. First of all, a little about yourself?


At fifty three years of age I have reached a ‘certain’ age where I can still consider myself /not/ to be old! Experienced, mature, yes! I was brought up in North Yorkshire, England, in the rather smoky industrial atmosphere of the North East and did not move away until I was about twenty-five. From there I moved to southern England and then worked abroad since nineteen ninety.

I speak fluent German and Italian as well as the English that is my mother tongue. A touch of Russian and Polish that I learned while I worked there. Continue reading

Interview with FemDom Artist 7EVINEX

Lobojack recommended the work of 7EVINEX (sometimes referred to as Cevinex) and also arranged for me to contact this new artist with the possibility of an interview.

I have never interviewed a 3D artist before so I was enthusiastic about talking to 7EVINEX.

1. I always like to discover a little of the background of the artist as a beginning to our discussion. Tell us a little about 7EVINEX.
Though I moved from there years ago, I was born and raised, for the most part, in Southern California, USA, in a large family of more than a few members with artistic aspirations. My very first, furtive attempts at art were FemDom BDSM themes, and my aspiration to improve upon my skills and techniques have rarely waned since. Continue reading

Interview with FemDom Artist Nequissimus

As a beginning, especially for those who may be new to your work,  please tell us a little about your background, where you were born, where  you live, how did you decide on your name and what does it mean?

I was born in a small town of 7000 inhabitants in Western Finland. I lived  there for 20 years, then I moved to Eastern Finland to study and cultivate  myself. I enjoyed student life and finally after some extra studies  completed a Master’s Degree in social sciences. After my graduation I lived  a couple of months in Russia. Now I live in Helsinki, which is the capital  of Finland. 
I picked my name from a book which told about insults. Nequissimus means  “most or very worthless”, it is Latin and it was used by ancient Romans.

When did you discover you had a talent for art? Have you had formal  training?
I don’t have any training but drawing has been my hobby since childhood. 
During last years I’ve been more creative and hard-working than ever  before. Maybe five years ago I started to make paintings, I also drew my  first comics at about the same time. I think that I don’t have any special  talent, but through practice it has been possible to develop my skills to  at least decent level.
In my previous job I had the opportunity to make some illustrations. Which  was nice. Continue reading

Interview with Artist Jan Van Rijn

The erotic art of Van Rijn is stimulating and sometimes a little confrontational.  We managed to get together to discuss his art.

Jan, for those who may be new to your work, please tell us a little about your background. The Van Rijn name is quite famous, of course and are you a distant relation to the great Rembrandt? 🙂

Van Rijn is an alias referring to the region/place I grew up and my partial Dutch origin. I was born 1966, not related to Rembrandt and live in Germany.

When did you discover you had a talent for art and have you had formal training?

I have been a trained stonemason/sculptor for over 25 years, working with steel and wood as well and I became intensely engaged in drawing female nudes and other scenes of sexual content over the years. No academic training or degree. Continue reading