She’s Ready!

Nice corset. I couldn’t identify her or photographer, but I do like the corset. The design is nice and the colour of the dildo reflects the corset design. Nice Touch. Of course, I am stricken with straight hair envy again! *sigh*

Kitchen Fun

In the kitchen? Really? Where somebody cooks? I noticed she’s wearing gloves but is prepared to peg him on the cooking surface! What sort of logic is that?
I have a little hair envy again. Blonde hair is impossible for me. And my grandmother would have disapproved of the chewing gum! (Origin unknown)

Femdom Bondage

Miss Mosh

Miss Mosh by Holly Randall



Worship Wednesday.

Friday: Ashley Alexiss

Ashley Alexiss.


This does seem to be an advertisement for Cavallo boots and/or riding breeches(jodphurs).


Sunday: 4 of 6

Oh, how we tried to identify this delicious beauty in the sheer bodysuit but failed! Perhaps someone knows who she is and can help.