Russian Mistress employing the humbler!


Dominant Wife

All the Dominant Wives

The true gift of an erotic writer is to make the characters absolutely believable even while those characters engage in improbable actions. Nobody writes female domination fiction quite like Carmenica Diaz and the thirty-one stories in this volume prove this over and over again.

Originally published as four separate volumes, the complete dominant wives collection is something every Carmenica Diaz fan should possess!


All the Dominant Wives – Available in the bookshop for download after purchase!




The Star Society

A husband begs his wife to dominate him and she refuses. Then, she receives an invitation to the exclusive Star Society and their school for dominant wives.

Ten days at the school and the husband discovers that reality and fantasy are completely different!

Originally published as 4 novels in 2006-2007, now combined into one volume with a total of 130,000 words.


The Star Society – Available for instant download after purchase from the Bookshop!


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