Her Pleasure

His Hurt, Her Pleasure by Fabio Vermelho 2014.

Fetish Fashionista Couple

They have all the equipment and fashion! (Origin unknown)

Dominant Woman

No one is safe from Strap-On Helga! See all the pics here!


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A Drink

Barefoot Princess continuing the teasing.

See the archive link for the first parts.
BTW the BPV web site appears to have vanished.

Femdom Amazon

What a great photo! Sadly, can’t provide any details. Please help if you can.

Chastity Tease

Could be Ezada Sinn but not completely sure.

Toe tickle to tease!

So Many Questions

Why the gas mask? Why the shoes? Why such a small table? Why the background drape? Confusing. (Origin unknown).

Boot Fetish

Mistress Summer from Mistress Jennifer

Slave with Mistress